A Return to the Past


A Return to the Past for Lodestars Anthology

February 1, 2016

A return to the past

If there is a European country where heritage and everyday life coexist in a perfect combination that is Italy.
The Borghi -Italian word for villages- define themselves as the most beautiful villages in Italy. And likely they are. For a Borgo to be accepted in the Club, they need to meet strict requirements, like the need of architectonic harmony within the urban fabric and building heritage, or high standards of quality of life for those who live there.  However, for us the wandering travellers, the Borghi offer among many delights a haven of peace wrapped with delicious food. Here you are a small selection of the most picturesque villages in Italy and what to see when you get there.

Apricale, Liguria
Apricale is a dream hill borgo surrounded by lusciously green mountains and olive groves in northern Italy, less than 20 miles away from the French border. With statues dating back to 1267, it was the first village to become independent in the whole Liguria region. Apricale has a rich history and boasting Italian small village charm, life happens around the small piazza with a Gothic fountain. Never has a name been more appropriate, as Apricale derives from the Latin word “Apricus”, that means “sunny, exposed to the sun”.  And similar to centuries ago when the name was first coined, the privileged setting where it is settle, on top of a hill, allows that the sun’s rays filter through the narrow medieval streets all day long. The historic centre is admirably well preserved and if you can avoid the signs of our contemporary society, like the inviting cafes, you can truly transport yourself to medieval times

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Lodestars Anthology Issue 5, A Return to the Past by M�nica R. Goya

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