Cédric Grolet | Food & Wine

April 2019

Interview and photography with Cédric Grolet, a leading French pastry chef, for Food and Wine Mexico. This interview, conducted in Paris, is included in the art issue and it talks about how his realistic fruit pastries made him The World Best Pastry Chef 2018 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The work appears in the April 2019 edition, edited in Mexico and available on newsstands now.



Quique Dacosta | Food & Wine

March 2019

Interview and photography with one of Spain’s most talented chefs, Quique Dacosta, for Food and Wine magazine. This interview, that took place at the chef’s 3-Michelin star restaurant in Dènia (Spain), focuses on his relationship with the sea and chefs’ role in promoting sustainability.

The work appears in the March 2019 edition, edited in Mexico and available on newsstands now.



Tenerife wine | Food & Wine

November 2018

New work (writing + photography) for Food and Wine magazine. The story, published in the Spanish edition, focuses on the young winemakers of Tenerife. When I was on the Canary Islands earlier this year, I was lucky enough to spend time with talented local wine producers. Their dedication and their love of the craft of winemaking made a deep impression on me. The feature appears in the November 2018 edition, edited in Mexico and available on newsstands now.



Dolores Cabrera of La Aracauria winery | Pipette magazine

October 2018

It’s been an absolute joy to spend some time with Dolores Cabrera of La Araucaria winery in her beautiful vineyards on Tenerife. My visit was tremendously inspiring and I feel grateful for having had this opportunity. To read this story and many others on interesting small natural wine producers, please buy your copy of Pipette magazine and support independent journalism here.



Chefs Gone Wild | easyJet Traveller

November 2017

The cover feature of the relaunch issue of easyJet Traveller magazine has been a dream of an assignment. Earlier this autumn I travelled to Lisbon, Crete and Sicily to document the favourite foods of three very succesful London chefs: Nuno Mendes, Marianna Leivaditaki and Tim Siadatan. It was a great privilege to discover these wonderful destinations guided by these chefs and I was also lucky to share the trips with talented writers. You can see the full feature here.
And read the full magazine online here.


Nuno Mendes of Taberna do Mercado and Chiltern Firehouse in Lisbon (written by Jonny Ensall)


Marianna Leivaditaki of Morito Hackney Road in Crete (written by Rosie Birkett)


Tim Siadatan of Trullo and Padella in Sicily (written by Cath Clarke)