Plate Selector


Bar Tartine

February 8, 2016

We were lucky. After a misunderstanding with the booking we were left with no reservation at Bar Tartine, one of the restaurants that was on our must-visit list when in SanFrancisco. Fortunately a last-minute cancellation saved us from returning to the UK without enjoying it. Whatever you do, don't leave SF without trying their delicious DIY pickles, cheese and everything else. Read more on Plate Selector.



E5 Bakehouse

November 04, 2015

E5 Bakehouse is one of my favourites cafes in London and my absolutely go-to place for bread. I was delighted to photoshoot the bakery and interview the founder, Ben Mackinnon, for Plate Selector.

Spending time behind the counters confirmed what I suspected: they are indeed a happy bunch. You can read the story now here