Ribeira Sacra | Iberia Excelente magazine

November 2019

New story (writing + photography) for Iberia Excelente (business class in-flight magazine), a road trip across one of Spain’s most exciting wine regions, Ribeira Sacra. The story focuses on a brilliant host, Francisco Almuíña, who overcame his traumatic vision loss after a workplace accident and now shows visitors the land of his childhood through the senses, sharing all his knowledge on the nature, traditions, vineyards and local foods of the area. The story also focuses on Pedro Rodríguez, of Guímaro winery, a third-generation winemaker and his terroir-driven wines.



Tenerife wine | Food & Wine

November 2018

New work (writing + photography) for Food and Wine magazine. The story, published in the Spanish edition, focuses on the young winemakers of Tenerife. When I was on the Canary Islands earlier this year, I was lucky enough to spend time with talented local wine producers. Their dedication and their love of the craft of winemaking made a deep impression on me. The feature appears in the November 2018 edition, edited in Mexico and available on newsstands now.



Dolores Cabrera of La Aracauria winery | Pipette magazine

October 2018

It’s been an absolute joy to spend some time with Dolores Cabrera of La Araucaria winery in her beautiful vineyards on Tenerife. My visit was tremendously inspiring and I feel grateful for having had this opportunity. To read this story and many others on interesting small natural wine producers, please buy your copy of Pipette magazine and support independent journalism here.